Mi$$ion Pawley$ Bring$ Out Flo

Bishop Murphy Establishes ‘Mi$$ion Pawley$’ Parish following vote by All Saints to leave AMIA

by RAFwN

Bishop Chuck 'Bing Bling' Murphy

Bishop Chuck ‘Bing Bling’ Murphy

The chairman of the Anglican Mission in the Americas ‘Bi$hop “Bling Bling” [his new official title, complete with dollar sign]’ Chuck Murphy is set to form a new church plant following a vote by the parish of All Saints Pawleys Island to leave the AMIA and join with the ACNA.

In an inaugural newsletter, dated December 1, (the Feast of Nicholas Ferrar), ‘Bi$h Bling’, as he wishes to be known, among other similar titles, wrote supporters saying it was now time to ‘$et $ail’ and launch a new church that might also become a ‘ca$h cow’.

In a recent vote by the 551 members of the All Saints parish, 322 voted to join ACNA and 229 voted in favor of joining the ‘Anglican Mi$$ion in the America$ $ociety for Mission and Apostolic Work$’.

Murphy said he hoped that Mission Pawley$ would become even more of a revenue ‘intaker’ than All Saints had been.

‘We have begun to envision a church that will have a far reaching impact on a world that is crying out for the gospel, and for a real chance to make some money like never before by way of delivering to them in a hip and trendy way. All Saints was too “churchy” and “stuffy” so the ca$h intake wasn’t as big as we’d like from an affluent place like Pawley$ Island. Plus, when I was over it before, I had to send money to Africa for legitimacy. Now I’m independent and proud! They can’t hold me! $hoot, I’m Chuck “Bling Bling” Murphy, dawg!’ exclaimed the new and improved ‘Bi$hop’.

‘This dream had begun to emerge and take shape as a result of two meetings this week’, said Murphy. ‘Pawley$ Island was not something to abandon. And getting a name that doesn’t sound like a church but a hip charity and $ocial club where God care$ and want$ you to be wealthy too…hot damn! There’$ money to be made in Anglican split$’.

The controversial ‘Bi$hop’ said that a unanimous secret ballot (29 to 0) extended a formal call to him to serve as the leader of this new church plant. No kidding.

‘I have now accepted this “call” by my “homedog$” to lead thi$ new church plant, while al$o continuing to $erve as the Chair of the Anglican Mi$$ion.’ He said he had asked the Rev. $tu Boehmig to help him with this new work.

When RAFwN asked about the trend of replacing the letter ‘s’ with dollar signs, Bi$hop ‘Bling Bling’ Chuck said it was intentional to demonstrate the financial stability and ‘lucratity’ of God’s anointed people, the ‘Anglican Mi$$ion’.


Murphy said that property for the new venture was available and would become the future site for the new church plant. On hearing the news, a former AMIA bishop said the divisions go on and on and on. ‘The fruit in AMiA today verses a year ago is that All Saints has been ripped in half. These things deeply grieve me’.

A former AMiA employee wrote and said that an AMiA congregation exists already in Pawley’s Island — Grace Church Anglican — Waccamaw. ‘So why the new church plant if those who preferred to remain with AMiA rather than go into ACNA. They could have gone over to Grace’.

‘It$ dat flo. Mi$$ion Pawley$ bring$ out flo!’ admitted Murphy.

Fr. Robert L. Grafe of All Saints exclaimed sorrow at loosing people but said that Murphy should change his motto to ‘$hame’.

All Saints, Pawleys Island, SC, went through a fallout after their recent vote to leave the AMiA for the ACNA. The Vestry announced the resignations of Martha Lachicotte, Sr. Warden, and Vestry members Angie Bunn, Russ Campbell and Keith Kephart.

In a previous story Grafe said that ‘It’s a new chapter in the long history of All Saints Church, Waccamaw. The work before us, as we see it, is that we all need to look to the Lord. He is in control, and He has a plan that is far beyond what we can imagine’.

The plan, apparently, is to have more than two continuing Anglican split off groups in a small South Carolina town all vying for ‘dat ca$h flo’.